Heilig-Meyers Furniture

Room Store Inc.

Founded : 1992
Activities : Retail furniture collection, home furnishings, interior design services, fine art and floor coverings
Parent Company : Grand Metropolitan
Stockists : 50 locations
Origin : Dallas, Texas

During 1997 Heilig-Meyers added three more formats as it quickly and nearly inadvertently developed into a multiformat retailer. It purchased the RoomStore, a ten-unit chain of stores in the Dallas area that sold ensembles of furniture designed for particular rooms.  The RoomStore became Heilig-Meyers’s format for major metropolitan areas.  The company specializes in retailing all the pieces of furniture for an entire room rather than individual pieces of furniture. For example, a table may be sold with chairs and other dining room accessories in a package rather than a table alone. Room store ranks as one of the top 25 furniture retailers in the United States.

Rhodes Furniture

Founded : 1875
Activities : Retail furniture collection, home furnishings
Parent Company : Grand Metropolitan
Stockists : 2,000 locations
Origin : Atlanta, GA

Heilig-Meyers Furniture and Rhodes Furniture combined to earn almost $5 billion a year in revenue from over 2,000 locations in the United States through their 1996 merger. Grand Metropolitan was introduced to the home furnishings retail and finance behemoth in the late 90s, taking control of the brands and operations after the turn of the century.

Founded in 1875, furniture retailer Rhodes Inc. became one of the largest furniture retailers in the United States. By 1996, with its acquisition of several smaller chains in various parts of the country, it held fourth place among U.S. furniture stores.

Krause's Furniture

Founded : 1973
Activities : Retail furniture collection, home furnishings, interior design services
Parent Company : Heilig-Meyers Funiture Co.
Stockists : 2,000 locations
Origin : San Diego, California


Krause’s Furniture, Inc. is a vertically integrated manufacturer and retailer of custom-crafted upholstered furniture, including sofas, sofa beds, chairs, sectionals, incliners, and recliners, and accessories purchased from other suppliers, including occasional tables and chairs, area rugs, lamps, and fashion accessories. In January 1998 it was operating 83 showrooms in 12 states under the names Krause’s and Castro Convertibles. It was the nation’s largest manufacturer/retailer of made-to-order furniture.

Hadid of Beverly Hills

Hadid has been built upon the legacy of heritage luxury brands excellence in fine jewelry, fine furnishings, haute couture, and fashion. The Hadid brand will expand beyond North America in 2018 with a private line of couture merchandise offered by our Garfinckel and Lichtenstein Department Stores.

Finlay Enterprises has origins dating back to 1787 achieving $100 billion over two centuries. By 2010, Finlay Fine Jewelers was the largest operator of leased jewelry departments in over 1200 stores in the US and France. Finlay owns 20 of the top 50 US jewelry brands.

Heilig-Meyers, privately-held furniture group in North America dating back to 1858, achieved $100 billion in revenue in the last century. By 2000, the group was represented in over 3,000 stores, $5 billion in annual revenue. Heilig-Meyers and Rhodes Inc. have been major NASCAR sponsors and helped to raise millions of dollars for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

French fashion house Orcofi, originally founded by Louis Vuitton family patriarch/former Chairman/CEO LVMH Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennessey Henry Racamier, specializes in luxury goods. The original holding company joined French banking group Paribas and French cosmetics giant L'Oréal in buying Paris' oldest couture house Lanvin.

In 2017, Grand Metropolitan merged it's luxury group including Finlay Enterprises, Heilig-Meyers Furniture, and Orcofi Holdings with Hadid Holding Group. These organizations combine to form one of the leading luxury goods conglomerates in North America with a portfolio of 126 brands.



Lichtenstein's Department Store

Hadid brands, Finlay Fine Jewelers, Heilig-Meyers Furniture, Orcofi Holdings, Dalgety, IMASCO, and Pushkin are now exclusively available online at Lichtenstein’s Fine Department Store & Luxury Boutique. Please visit us at Lichtenstein’s (www.Lichtensteins.com).